Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Girls Weekend

This past Friday I traveled to Perkasie, PA for a girls weekend with several of my close friends from college.

Most of us met in the dorms our freshman year where we were all experiencing our first taste of freedom and independence. As we decided our majors and looked towards graduation, we started the transformation from teenagers to the adults we are today, and somewhere along the way the lifelong bond of sisterhood was formed. One by one we ventured out into the real world as strong, confident and well adjusted women. Some of us journeyed across the country, or to pig farms in Arkansas, but eventually we all ventured into the bonds of holy matrimony.

Time between visits or phone calls grew farther apart as we got caught up in the building of our lives. The annual Christmas photocard often became the only update and I looked forward to the images of growing children and families. Close to ten years had passed before we saw each other as a group again. It was April 2007 and we gathered to attend a dear friends funeral. None of us were prepared to lose Dottie. Her passing resonated deep within us and with her loss came perspective; we needed to honor Dottie's memory, and the love she so generously gave us, by staying more connected with one another.

A date was set for the girls weekend; no husbands and no kids, just the girls. Days were counted down with anticipation until finally the weekend arrived. We ate, drank, laughed and fell back into our old comfortable companionship that years apart hadn't changed. Not every one could join us, but as photo albums were brought out and memories reenacted, it felt like we were all there...even Dottie.

We talked about our marriages, children, and shared revelations about current or past hardships in our lives. Knowing that we weren't alone in life's grand adventure brought a sense of relief. Sometimes we get caught up in our own struggles and lose sight of the support system out there. A support system that has been in place since 1992. This weekend served as a reminder that we are still the same smart, strong and confident women...just a little older.

The time we spent together was brief, but it reinforced how important it is to spend time together. Not just on Facebook or via text message, but honest to goodness "sit next to each other and laugh until a drink shoots out your nose" time.

I miss my girls already and can't wait until next year, for we all agreed to make girls weekend an annual event.