Friday, February 18, 2011

Drawing the Line

As I write this, I have a cat perched on my arm. She is soft, purring and occasionally licks the back of my hand. She is a happy cat because she has me all to herself. In this showering of affection lies a's extremely hard to write when you have a cat perched on your arm. When she stretches her paws out and touches the mouse on the laptop, thus moving the cursor, that makes it even more difficult.

So why don't I just kick the cat off? Because I work all day and until the dog goes to bed with my son, Snowball (said cat) is in hiding. When it's just me and her she hangs out and gets her lovin'. I feel guilty dislodging her for all she wants is her share of attention.

The time has come though to evict the cat from her perch. I need to write as my stories aren't going to do it themselves and the cat limits my typing abilities.

Snowball, I'm drawing the line in the need to find a another spot to act cute in. We'll still be in the same room together, just with some space.

Now let's see how long this lasts. Her fuzzy face has a way of wearing down my will.