Friday, June 4, 2010

Dream Blogfest

Thank you Amalia for hosting the Dream blogfest! This dream sequence is from The Beautiful People, which has been the manuscript I've used for all other blogfests. I kind of feel bad for Natalie (my MC) as I haven't been very nice to her. She's a tough girl though and can handle it...

Soon I relaxed enough and began to doze in the tub. Sleep might come tonight after all, I thought as I dried off. I crawled into the king sized bed, which seemed enormous and empty without Dominic and fell asleep before my head hit the pillow.

The dream started out nice. I was swimming in the ocean, the sun high above and reflecting bright white off of the sand. I floated weightless in the water and bobbed with the gentle lapping waves. Dominic and Grant were on the shore waving at me. I waved back and dove under the surface. When I came up for air the atmosphere had changed. Dark, stormy clouds boiled in the sky and the water had become choppy. Alarmed I looked for Dominic and Grant on the beach. They were gone. Something bumped into my back and moved away then collided with me again. I spun around and screamed. A body floating face down in the sea moved with the surf. Panic set in and I started to swim toward the shoreline. When I turned, a different body blocked my path. Then I noticed the water was blood red and corpses floated on the top of the ocean, in every direction as far as I could see. I opened my mouth to scream again and nothing happened, the air around me was void of sound, muted.

I woke in a cold sweat and with a pounding heart. I reflexively reached for Dominic, but he was gone. Disoriented, I panicked, still caught between my nightmare and reality. Finally the surroundings of our bedroom became familiar and I remembered where Dominic was. My head ached and I had cottonmouth, the beginning of a hangover starting to set in. I rolled over and stared at the closed bedroom door. I wanted the comfort of my mom. On her good days she would make the nightmares disappear so I could fall back asleep. This time I couldn’t tell her the source of my terrors. The boogieman wasn’t in my closet and there wasn’t a monster under the bed, the horrors in my dreams were real.


  1. Those are the worst horrors -- the ones that are real. Brrrr. An ocean filled with corpses. That'll have me awake all night. Great job, Roland

  2. What a nightmare. The dream not the writing. Your writing is great.

  3. Wow. Vivid, scary stuff here. Poor Natalie indeed, if she's dealing with this kind of stuff. Excellent entry for the blogfest.

  4. Oh, very nice. Now I'm wondering if something has happened to Dominic or if he is causing things to happen if you know what I mean.

    I thought you did a lovely job with this. I loved how it started nice and when she dived everything changed.

  5. Yeah I wish they's stop dumping all the zombie bodies out in the ocean.
    Fun stuff!

  6. Ooooh!! *rubbing arms from goosebumps* This is horrifying! I hope the boys were safe anyway.

    Please drop by and tell me what you think of my dream sequence! ;)

  7. Thanks everyone...loving all the different dreams. We're a twisted lot. :)

  8. I love how detailed this was... and the very last line gave me chills. NICE!!!!

    <3 Kelsey Leigh

  9. That was scary, and just amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Really powerful imagery in this scene! The ocean turning to blood and bodies was incredibly disturbing. Nicely done and Thanks for participating!!

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