Sunday, June 13, 2010

Missing Followers

I checked my blog today and noticed I lost a follower. Most Facebook friends know me or know a member of my family, so they know I'm liberal and not afraid to speak my mind. Most of the time when they drop it's because Facebook isn't for them or their profile got compromised. Twitter drop offs can be attributed to Twitter bots.

My blog has very few followers so a loss of just one is noticeable. Now I'm left to wonder...was it something I said? Maybe I'm not posting enough? Are my blog posts not useful or entertaining? Maybe my posts are just so horrible that this person felt dumber for reading one? Who knows, but an explanation would have been nice.

I'm new at this whole blogging thang and any feedback or criticism is welcome. Since I'm an aspiring writer I don't feel I'm in the right position to offer advice to other writers. Occasionally I'll rant about a topic unrelated to writing, but mostly I use the blog to post scenes from WIP's as a way to receive input from readers outside of my critique group.

For those followers that have been blogging a lot longer than me, any insight you can offer will be greatly appreciated. To my followers, thank you for sticking with me! :)


  1. Hi *waves*. I'm still here. :) I don't have any insight as to why someone would stop following your blog or what, exactly, people are looking for in a blog because the reasons are all as varied as the people are.

    I can tell you that, as a blogger, I'm pretty much like you are. I'm definitely an inconsistent blogger (my life isn't that exciting), I sometimes rant and rave (especially about neighbors and bad drivers) and I talk about everything from family to writing.

    So, I wouldn't worry about it too much -- okay, so I totally would- I'd obssess and eat too much chocolate as I tried to figure out what I did to drive someone away - but the point is that I shouldn't do that and neither should you! :)

  2. Aren't us writers funny, sensitive people? I was so excited when I got up to 60 followers...then one day I looked and, wahh, I was back down to 59. I gave it about 5 seconds of mind time (well, probably more than that) and then decided it probably wasn't even about me. And if it was? Screw 'em.

    Now I'm at 69, looking at that number going, okay, 70, 70, 70. But if I've gotta be stuck at the old 9 spot again, well, it's a good number.

    And remember. That's all it is. A number. It doesn't define me any more than yours defines you.

    So go on out there and join some more blogfests. That number will be up there before you know it. I promise!

    You rock! That Rebel, Olivia

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  4. Dear Anonymous, Go peddle your wares elsewhere. I'm not that desperate for followers!

    Olivia, You're right, it's just a number. I am going to participate in more blogfests...they're fun!

    Rhonda, Hi *waves back*! I'm not going to obsess over it, although I might have a piece of chocolate. Yum!

    Thanks ladies!

  5. How rude that anon is! I don't allow them at my blog.

    I understand how the loss of a follower can be a little depressing. Nice to know people are out there reading your posts. I'm always more interested in how many comments I get than how many followers.

    You have an interesting place here. Sometimes I forget to click that button because I visit a site several times and get to know the person before deciding to follow. I thought I was following you, but I guess not. I'll fix that now. I bet I'm not the only one who does that.

    Have a good night; see ya around.


  6. Donna, me too.

    EJ, just popping back in to let you know you have an award over at my blog. :) Olivia